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Here we are, the month of December has begun. Christmas is here. That's why today we are sharing with you some decorating ideas Christmas special for your interior.

As you know, the month of December is synonymous with festivities for many people, and therefore, we want our interior to look as good as possible.

The living room.

The living room, described as the most important room in the house, is often the most decorated room for the end of the year. Indeed, it is also the room where most of the people organize their Christmas Eve and Christmas meals, so it must be impeccable for the occasion.

Whether it is by posters or decorative objects everything is important.

déco noel epurée
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The great trendy idea of these last years, with its notes of wood for a natural side put forward, is the Christmas decoration purified. Add touches of "hair" (moumoute) for a cocooning effect, it will warm up your interior in a wink.

Déco de noël rouge classique

For the classic and warm side, opt for red, the emblematic color of Christmas.

The table of the meal.

For dinner, the table must be practical and pleasant. Generally well furnished, it is necessary to be able to pass the dishes and various dishes of choice.
We opt for a beautiful fir tree centerpiece for a more than perfect natural effect, add candles and it's done!

Table de noël
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Table de noel
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The stars are also very coveted at the end of the year, star of our decor, they are essential for a successful Christmas decoration. Whether they are on the tree, wall decoration or decorative object, the stars are part of the symbolic objects of Christmas.

Décoration fenetre de noel

Decoration of the fireplace.

For the fireplace, there are two schools: with or without socks. According to tradition, Santa Claus would put the children's presents in the socks hung on the chimney. This tradition is in fact linked to that of Saint Nicholas. One day, three young girls, who were sisters, left their wet socks to dry by the fireplace. Touched by their story and their great poverty, Saint Nicholas decided to pour three bags of gold down their chimney: the coins fell into the dried socks.

Cheminée de noel
credit : designmag
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It is also very trendy to put a decorative garland, lighted or not, on your fireplace.

This one is dressed in Christmas colors in no time!

Cheminée ancienne décorée pour Noël
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Let yourself be carried away by the Christmas atmosphere for your decoration, the main thing is that it is to your taste.

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See you soon for new decorating tips.

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