Glass roof decoration

Partition spaces without losing light, the very principle of the interior glass roof. The glass roof has become a trend for some time now and is now being used in all your spaces! Open for a delimited but accessible space, or closed to partition a bedroom or a bathroom, the glass roof is multipurpose.

Showroom canopy

Like the industrial metal canopies that we all know now, there are all possible materials, here find a wooden canopy ultra trendy for a softer and warmer effect than traditional glass.

Wooden canopy@pinterest

The glass roof, the deco idea.

Tailor-made, she made a BOUM in the world of decoration. This trend is even diverted into industrial windows. A stylish effect guaranteed for a maximum of light, this is the promise that is made to us when installing a window or skylight of this kind. Partitioning without losing either luminosity or visibility, it gives the impression of size in the spaces while delimiting the different living spaces of the house.

Showroom entrance

But if its first goal is indeed to partitionThe glass roof can also be installed as a complement for a more decorative spirit than useful.

Example: Installed on a kitchen wall, near a bar, it makes sense! A new interior window is born!

Bar canopy @pinterest

But also in a master suite, positioned behind a bed, it becomes a headboard separating the bathroom space from the bedroom space.

Caution: Make sure that the wall on which you plan to install your glass roof is not load-bearing or semi-load-bearing.

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