Bar décoré esprit de noël

Decorating your home for Christmas is an end of year habit for many of you, to the point that the chimneyWe'll give you some ideas to decorate your bar (for the lucky ones who have one).

To your drinks.

A bar comes in all shapes and colors. Round, rectangle, low or high, each bar has its own authenticity. Often forgotten in a corner of the house, it is often neglected for Christmas decoration, although it is well used on the day.

Bar showroom décoration de noel
Bar AMA5077 

Install a garland, a tree or a lighted garland, some portable decorations, a pretty light and that's it!

If you have a beautiful arrangement with bread apples it will do! Authenticity is the key word.

Find here a Christmas punch recipe that will delight all your guests:,1244536.asp

For the youngest.

You can also turn your bar into a "treats for all" mode, with hot drinks, sweets and various other gourmet things that are invited to your home for the occasion.

Very good way to make your bar attractive to the youngest and the oldest, and yes, we see you the gourmands.

Bar à confiseries
Confiserie noel


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All you have to do is choose your option for Christmas!

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