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What type of flooring should I choose?

In terms of terrace, everything is possible to do. Do you want a natural, modern, elegant or atypical terrace? There is such a choice of floor that you will inevitably find your happiness.

Wood: In slat or slab, passing by the bottom of the barge, the wooden deck remains the favorite of owners! Its classic and warm aspect gives cachet to your exterior while inlaying a cocooning and natural aspect.

Stone: Stone, more classic, is easily chosen by our friends in the south for its ability to adapt to the sun. Indeed, easy to maintain and to decorate, it is suitable for high temperatures and knows how to blend into the decor.

Concrete: Here, you won't find anything more raw. Concrete, waxed or not, is very resistant and robust. You will even find decorative concrete slabs, broken or complete, to let your imagination do its work!

Pavers: Another beloved covering, pavers. Indeed, easy to install and maintain, this terrace covering assures you a country house look that we love so much! Different colors are available, which once again lets you use your imagination and give character to your exterior.


wooden terrace
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concrete terrace
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stone terrace
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The maintenance of its terrace.

Each floor requires different maintenance, so we'll give you some tips on how to do it:

For the wood deck, nothing could be simpler: A good sweep with a hard broom, water and elbow grease. You might be tempted to use a power washer, but on a wooden floor, this could damage the fiber. That's why we recommend a slightly longer, but gentler cleaning.

For stone or paving stones, a blow of karcher is, there, considered. More resistant, your floor will not move in contact with the power of water. For more cleanliness, you can also scrub the stains on your floor with a hard bristle brush and vinegar before using the karcher.

For concrete, nothing could be simpler: a shot of water and that's it!

outdoor wooden terrace
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We hope to have helped you for your terrace and your outdoor decoration!

Do not hesitate to come and discover our floors or old installations for your terrace or interior decoration!

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