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The parquet floor, the most chosen solution to dress its interior. Whether it is solid or laminated, there are all colors and components. All you have to do is make the choice that best suits your decor.

Solid wood flooring.

solid oak parquet
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It is the small favorite of your interior, indeed, its positive points are as numerous as the different choices that you have to provide you with it. Very robust (long-lasting), timeless, noble material (only the essence of the wood), possible renovations (sanding, multiple varnishing), choice of wood, different patterns of installation ... We no longer count its advantages!

solid dark parquet
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But, does it have any disadvantages?
Indeed, it should be known that the old or reissued solid parquet is more complicated to install, its price is also higher than a glued parquet (due to the price of wood) and maintenance can be restrictive depending on the wood and the finish chosen.

PS: if you want to install a floor heating, no worries with a solid wood floor.

The laminate floor.

For the most small budgets but also want a wood floor, engineered flooring is a great alternative.
Contrary to the composition of the solid wood floor, this one is composed of 3 layers different types of wood. On the surface, a layer of noble wood (as for the solid wood), followed by a layer of wood fiber, then finally the counterpart (resinous wood) which ensures the stability of the whole board.

laminate flooring
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The advantages of old or reissued laminate flooring are also numerous. From its wide choice of colors available for sale, its excellent quality-price ratio or its ease of installation and transport.

The disadvantages compared to solid wood are its resistance to time (less durable), parquet strips often thin (therefore more fragile), renovations are also complicated. Indeed, the laminate does not allow to sand and re-sand over its finishing layer.

Herringbone engineered parquet
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Special features.

The floor has an orientation to respect, parallel to a wall for the checkerboards, perpendicular to the lit facade for the lengths of blades. Your boards must also not be glued to the wall to let the floor work, the gap will be covered by the baseboards.

Please note that it is important to check the watertightness of the sanitary and heating installations before installing your floor covering.

Certain supports must be respected such as:

  • Support on a crawl space: 50cm of space maximum.
  • Paving on ground level: if there is a risk of water vapour: an anti-capillary layer must be applied between the form and the paving.
  • Mortar or concrete substrates: moisture content ≤ 3% of dry mass.
  • Accepted moisture content for: joists, battens, floorboards: between 7% and 11%.

Our range.

The range of antique floors from Architecture and Authentic Materials is one of the lines you are most excited about. Many of you come from far away to get one of our floors. Indeed, we try to choose the best for you and for your satisfaction.

That is why we propose, on our product sheets, different services such as :

  • The cut (straight, staggered groove, micro chamfer or without groove or tongue)
  • Herringbone or Hungarian stitch cut on request via
  • Pre-oiling (2 layers)


  • Several thicknesses of boards (from 1.4cm to 2cm)
  • Several lengths of boards (16 to 27)
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