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Fir flooring

Fir wood flooring.

Very well known in our interiors, the fir tree is found in almost every interior. This wood usually comes from Scandinavia, and is much envied for its minimalist and natural look. Usually used for flooring, it is more rare to see it natural or just oiled.

Called double-sided floor this one is much used in mezzanine for its side veining more or less accentuated according to the lots.

Known as one of the softest woods, this wood is generally used for flooring rather than parquet, which is then covered with a coating.


Oak flooring

The oak floor.

The floor in oak is definitely the most common and classic. Its natural aspect seduces everyone, declined from a beige to a mahogany color, there is something for everyone!

Very thick, oak has a longer life expectancy than most wood floors and is very durable. easy to maintain. What qualities will you tell me? Indeed, this one is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator!

The price, higher than the average can scare more than one, the fact is that this type of floor is a long-term investment. Not to mention the cachet it brings to your home...



More particular, the parquet in Pitchpin.

The PitchpinThis is a resinous wood with little knots, mainly from France. It is similar in strength to oak but stronger than fir. Very well known for its resistance in the marine environment became very popular in the 19th century during the construction of seaside villas, framework, floor, furniture, everything is in pitchpin.

A bright and shiny color characterizes pitchpin, which can remind the one of the Scots pine, but it can put off carpenters because it stands out too much in the middle of a floor. The resin contained in this wood allows it to be immune against worms and rot. This quality allows the wood to be used almost instantly without the need for drying, unlike other floors.

Its orange tone makes it a popular wood for its naturalness.


Maintain your floor.

If your wood is virgin, a little warm water and black soap will do the trick. Rub with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. If your wood is stained, take a lemon, cut it in half and rub it on the stain. Add baking soda to warm water, mix and wipe the mixture over the same area as the lemon. Rinse with a soft cloth.

For the maintenance of a varnished wood, it will be preferable to take a soft cloth also, because very sensitive, the varnish risks to make appear scratches.

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