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There is never a shortage of ideas when it comes to cement tiles.

Back in a hurry thanks to a fashion effect, cement tiles are everywhere. On the floor, on the wall and even on the ceiling, we will show you how to divert its main use, how to install it and how to maintain it.

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What is a cement tile?

Unlike tiles, and as its name suggests, cement tiles are made up of cement on which pigments are included to create the patterns we love so much. It is then compressed and left to dry naturally until the final use.

Now that the tile is introduced, let's talk about decoration.

This essential element of decoration has made a comeback in recent years, whether on walls, floors or purely as a decorative element, cement tile is everywhere. It must be said, its vintage side goes wonderfully with the interiors a little more modern.

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You will even find, for an easier application and a more varied choice, stickers and vinyl floors available in different shops. Warning: This choice will cause happiness to some but will remain less durable and qualitative than real cement tiles.

When used as a floor, it can also be used to delimit areas, thus enlarging spaces.

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The installation of the cement tile.

Before laying your tiles, make sure your floor is dry, because a wet floor will cause evaporation of lime deposits on the surface of the tiles.
Apply cement adhesive evenly with a coarse tooth comb. Glue the surface to be tiled and the entire underside of the tile (double gluing).
Position by hand - without hammering - leaving a very fine space (1 to 2 mm, the thickness of a spatula) for the joints.
Once the installation is complete and the cement adhesive is dry, clean the floor by scrubbing it with plenty of water. This will remove the thin layer of pigmented dust that may still cover the tiles.

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Maintenance, for an optimum result.

Whether the tile is on the floor or ceiling, it is important to keep it maintained. It is recommended to use a water and oil repellent product (without solvent or silicone) which will allow to isolate it. For maximum protection, apply the product in two applications 24 hours apart. You can find this type of product in DIY stores. For a waxed effect, you can apply a simple wax.

For regular maintenance, you will only need to clean it with soap and water.

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Now that you know everything about cement tile and its use, it's your turn!

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