Emmanuelle armchair showroom
Known as the Emmanuelle chair since the 1970s thanks to the film "Emmanuelle" in which the young actress Sylvia Kristel appeared, and which has become a star from that date to the present day, this chair was originally called the Pomare chair.

A double personality.

Of Tahitian origin, it takes its name from a historical fact rather unknown to the general public. Indeed, this one took the name of the Tahitian Dynasty of the 20th century, family in which one of the member saw himself dying sitting on this seat.
In 1974, this chair was renamed "Emmanuelle" following the release of the erotic French film that was shown for almost 10 years in a small Parisian cinema. The name of the main character had such an effect that the chair took her name immediately in the eyes of the public and is still known by that name today.

Film Emmanuelle
Credit: Youtube

A multitude of styles for a multitude of atmospheres.

Often found nowadays in flea markets or attics, it used to be enthroned in the middle of the bedrooms and various rooms of the house in the past.
Back in fashion in recent years because of its bohemian and particular style, the armchair attracts attention. Whether in the home tour of a youtuber or in the blog posts of influencers, we see it absolutely everywhere!

Its finely woven wicker, its "throne" style and its small fluffy cushion make you want to sit on it! And with grace, please.
It will find its place as well in your living room as on a terrace, installed sipping your lemonade while looking at the garden.

Emmanuelle armchair
Credit : Elle.fr

This classy yet casual style gives the most bohemian mix you could hope for, trendy effect guaranteed!

Classic or dressed up, it makes a small effect.

Left raw or repainted, the Emmanuelle chair can be transformed to please everyone. For the most classic among us or for a natural effect, left raw with a white cushion and for the most colorful among us, the seat repainted completely! Green, white or black everything is possible. Installed in a classic room, this seat, in addition to being a piece of exception, becomes a real vintage decoration object of your interior (after its use of basic furniture).

For the more reluctant among us who want to add a touch of color without totally transforming it, you can simply add a colored cushion, you can't go wrong with that!

Emmanuelle bohemian armchair
Credit: Blogspot.com
Emmanuelle armchair showroom
Emmanuelle armchair showroom

Now that you know all about the Emmanuelle/ pomare, how can you not fall for it? The charming asset of interiors is no longer a secret for you.

Do not hesitate to identify us on your most beautiful pictures of Emmanuelle/Pomare chair on instagram, we will be happy to share them and add them to our upcoming articles !

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