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You all saw it, most of you experienced it, the EXPO1AMA was a real success in our community and a very good appetizer for the beginning of the year 2020.

A high-risk gamble.

A few months ago, the Matériaux Authentiques team decided to organize one of the biggest events of the showroom at the beginning of the year 2020.

One year after the inauguration, which some still remember, and after many private events held in the showroom, AMA launches into the art gallery.

Meeting after meeting, the choice of artists is made, the layout of the showroom takes place on plans, the technical team is chosen, what atmosphere to install? What layout? Plants? Smells? Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Face authentic materials
Authentic materials facade

Total synchronization.

The artists: Nathan Chantob, Loic Henrio, Robin Lempire, Christophe Boulanger, Anne Dewailly.

They meet regularly at the showroom, explaining to our team what they want and like for their work (paintings, canvases, photos, objects...).

Tests are done repeatedly to adjust the intensity of lights and colors, the direction of these, the desired atmosphere for each part of the showroom. The exhibition invades the place little by little, the showroom is transformed and leaves place to more than 1000m2 of exhibition, of incredible and unique course.

Painting Anne Dewailly
Painting Anne Dewailly
Painting Anne dewailly 2
Painting Anne Dewailly
Painting Anne dewailly 3
Anne Dewailly

The experience of the senses.

During this artistic journey created by AMA (Matériaux Authentiques), your senses are exalted. From smell to touch, everything is done to amaze and surprise you. For the connoisseurs of the showroom, the place must seem unrecognizable! A successful bet according to your feedback.

Without much surprise, the artists' works are intermingled with our most beautiful old pieces, noble and precious materials are exposed. From the Sainte Menehould Altar in marble to the huge woodwork burned by Loic Henrio, things are seen in a big way!

Burned woodwork
Burned woodwork

A mixture of talent.

Here are some of the works that you could see during the exhibition that lasted 10 full days in the showroom. For some of them, if you come in time, you will still have the chance to see them exposed in the showroom. Attention only a few days left!

Loic Henrio Oeuvre 2
Loic Henrio Work
Loic Henrio
Loic Henrio
Nathan Chantob
Nathan Chantob
Christophe boulanger
Christophe boulanger
Painting Nathan Chantob
Painting Nathan Chantob

For the occasion, you could also see our various achievements made so far exposed on large format! From our old parquet floor installed in private homes to the Adopte un mec headquarters in Versailles, you had access to our most beautiful photos.

Spiral staircase, bottom of the wagon, Versailles floor, old door, old sink, shutters, ironwork, marble...

Stay tuned for the next Authentic Materials milestone event!


Christophe Boulanger exhibition

Click here to see pictures of the exhibition!

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