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Visit overmantelsThese mirrors, adorned with art and history, are a fascinating element in the world of interior design. Their presence in a room brings not only elegance, but also a rich historical narrative. This article explores the origin, evolution and impact of overmantels in contemporary interior design.

Origins of Trumeau

The trumeau has its roots in 17th and 18th century Europe, particularly in France. Initially, the term "trumeau" designated the wall space between two windowsoften decorated with a painting or mirror. Over time, the word evolved to refer specifically to ornate mirrors, often placed above a mantelpiece.

Trumeaux design and styling

Visit overmantels are renowned for their artistic design. The frame of the mirror, often made of carved wood, could be decorated with floral motifs, mythological scenes or geometric patterns. The upper part of the overmantel was usually decorated with a painting or relief sculpture, reflecting the artistic trends of the time.

Louis XV-style trumeau

The evolution of Trumeaux

From Classic to Contemporary

Initially reserved for aristocratic residences, overmantels have survived the passage of time, adapting to changing styles and tastes. From Classicism to BaroqueEach period has influenced the aesthetics of overmantels.

Trumeaux in Modern Interiors

Today, overmantels find their place in a variety of interior configurations. Whether authentically antique or modern replicas, these mirrors add a touch of elegance and refinement. Their use goes beyond mere reflection; they have become works of art in their own right.

White trumeau in the Louis XV style

Integrating a Trumeau into Contemporary Decoration

Choosing the Trumeau

Choosing the right overmantel for a modern interior means considering the room's overall style. A classic trumeau can serve as a focal point in a minimalist interior, while a room with a more eclectic style could benefit from a trumeau with contemporary design elements.

Ideal location

Traditionally placed above the fireplacesOvermantels can also be integrated into other spaces. They can embellish an entrance hall, add depth to a living room or even enhance the aesthetics of a dining room.

Louis Philippe style trumeaux 297x194 front

Maintenance and Restoration Tips

Visit antique trumeaux require careful maintenance. For wooden parts, the use of mild cleaning products is recommended. For mirror parts, regular cleaning with a suitable product is essential. In the case of restoration work, we recommend calling in a professional to preserve the integrity and value of the trumeau.

Le Trumeau: A Reflection of History

Each trumeau is a witness to the history of art and design. To own one is to preserve a part of that history. Collectors and antique enthusiasts cherish these pieces for their beauty and uniqueness.





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