Victim of its success

20's mahogany bar with tin-plated copper track

Discover a relic of craftsmanship and industrial history: this tin-plated copper runner, stamped with the emblematic "Bayer Strasbourg" seal, is a treasure trove of engineering and design. Measuring 4.45 meters long, with a height of 1.13 meters and a depth of 70 cm, this product combines both functionality and aesthetics.

Manufactured with unrivalled craftsmanship, tin-plated copper offers exceptional durability and a captivating lustre, testifying to the superior quality of the materials used. The manufacturer's stamp, a guarantee of authenticity and finesse, adds historical value and uniqueness to this piece.

Ideal for collectors or as a centerpiece in an industrial or vintage setting, this track will enrich your space with an ambiance rich in stories and heritage.

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Dimensions 445 × 70 × 113 cm
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