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20th century oak panelling, Louis XV style, 20m linear

Twentieth-century oak boiserie in the Louis XV style, 20m in linear length, is an interior design and decorative element that adds historical depth and refined elegance to any space. Often salvaged from historic homes, chateaux and manor houses of the period, this woodwork is highly prized for its natural beauty, exceptional craftsmanship and rich patina, a testament to its age and history.


1st photo: Width 74/132/43/139/42/133/74 cm; Door height 254.5/ Panels 300 cm

2nd photo: Width 78/18/55/139/55/18/84 cm; Door height 254.5/ Panels 300 cm

3rd photo: Width 133/160/130 cm; Door height 254.5 / Trumeau 181 cm

4th photo: Width 100/183 cm; Panel height 300 cm

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Dimensions 2000 × 300 cm
Height (cm)

Width (cm)