Louis XVI decorative double door 154×298 cm

This splendid Louis XVI-style decorative double door, measuring 154 cm wide and 298 cm high, is an exceptional piece that will bring historic charm and refined elegance to any interior. Perfect for lovers of classic design and spaces looking to incorporate a distinctive architectural element.

Features :

  • Style: Louis XVI, renowned for its elegance and finesse.
  • Size : Imposing dimensions for a remarkable presence.
  • Design : Carefully crafted motifs and details typical of the Louis XVI style.

Ideal for :

  • Projects to renovate historic homes or create luxury spaces.
  • Classic or contemporary interiors looking to add a decorative element with a historic touch.
  • Hotels, restaurants or offices looking to create a sophisticated, welcoming ambience.

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Dimensions 154 × 298 cm
Height (cm)

Length (cm)

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