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Factory Electrical panels in turquoise marble

Discover our factory electric boards, unique pieces that combine industrial functionality with timeless elegance. Made from Turquin blue marble, these boards are not just practical elements, but true works of art that will bring a touch of history and character to your home.

Dimensions and price :

  • 75 x 136 cm: €1,200 A large format featuring deep blue marble, ideal for a centerpiece in a living space or office.
  • 90 x 136 cm: €1,200 With its extra width, this table offers an even greater presence, perfect for fans of bold design elements.
  • 75 x 88 cm : 800 euros More compact, this model is perfect for integrating the elegance of Turquin blue marble into smaller spaces or as a complement to a collection.

Each of these switchboards is a choice piece for those seeking to blend aesthetics with functionality. Turquin blue marble, renowned for its beauty and durability, adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness, making each panel a practical as well as aesthetic investment.

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