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Welcome to Matériaux Authentiques, your source for antique materials and furniture with a soul and a story to tell. Since our founding in 1999 by Jean Vianney Dewailly, we have dedicated ourselves to hunting out and restoring unique pieces to enrich your living and working spaces.

Our story begins with the passion and expertise of Vianney, a visionary who saw the priceless value of materials and furniture with a lived experience. His eye for the exceptional quickly transformed Matériaux Authentiques into a trusted name in trading rare pieces. In 2017, Tanguy Douart, a talented young architect, joined us, elevating our bar and restaurant fit-out projects to a professional level. The family expanded in 2022 with the arrival of Quentin Lepers, who brought our company into the digital age, paving the way for e-commerce.

Our team is the heart of our company, made up of four cabinetmakers - Justin, Max, Adrien and Tadek - who combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary creativity. Seb and Ahmed, our dynamic handlers, are the heroes who ensure that every piece is handled with the utmost care. The team spirit continues with Murielle and Stan, our dedicated sales team, Viktoria and Alexandre, our committed community managers, and Marina, our meticulous accountant, who all ensure the smooth and successful running of our daily operations.

The mission of Matériaux Authentiques is to give new life to the treasures of French architecture and design. Each item we save and restore is a piece of history, a celebration of craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

We invite you to join us in our quest to push the boundaries of restoration and reuse. Whether you're looking to develop a commercial space or enrich your home, we're here to help you realize your vision with authenticity and prestige.

For a glimpse of our projects, follow us on our social networks, or better still, come and visit us to see our magic in action. Together, let's keep the story going.

With all our passion and dedication,

The Matériaux Authentiques team

Our achievements

Aux Enfants Terribles

Aux Enfants Terribles Aux Enfants terribles is a former farmhouse in northern France that has been transformed into a living space with a bar "La Guinguette", two restaurants...

The Advantage

L'Avantage The Tennis L'Avantage restaurant in Le Touquet has had a facelift, with a bespoke bar built from old woodwork, and a new 19th-century paneled wall decoration. Our chandelier...

The North Base le Touquet

We had the pleasure of reworking the entire La Base Nord site for a warmer, more intimate industrial feel. Reclaimed wood, recycled old materials...

House Troisgros Ouches

Located in Ouches in the Loire, Maison Troisgros, which you probably already know from its 3-star rating, knows how to make its customers travel. It's with great pleasure that we...

Our Achievements
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