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When we think of Halloween, images of witches, ghosts and pumpkins spring to mind. Yet there are deeper stories behind this celebration, sometimes inscribed in stone, wood and iron. Let's discover the legends of Halloween, where ancient materials play a key role.


🎃🕸️ The tombstone: a guardian silencieux🕸️🎃 

The stone is one of the oldest materials used by man. Tombstones in particular, meticulously engraved, tell stories of love, tragedy and mystery. According to some legends, these steles are the guardians of souls, preventing spirits from haunting the living. In Celtic mythology, it was believed that messages could be transmitted through these stones on Halloween night.

Reconstituted stone fountain



👻⚰️Le oak: the sacred tree of sorcières⚰️👻

Wood, especially oakThe oak tree holds a special place in Halloween myths. In many cultures, the oak tree was seen as a bridge between worlds, a gathering place for witches. Old, twisted branches can conjure up images of haunted forestswhere spirits gather.

wagon bottom board in antique oak


🔪🩸Wrought iron: protection against the supernatural🩸🔪

Wrought iron, with its intricate patterns, was not only aesthetically pleasing. In many cultures, iron was thought to repel supernatural creatures. This is why balustrades, railings and grids and wrought-iron candleholders were common in old houses to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits, especially during the Halloween season.

Muller Frères front wrought-iron chandelier


🐺🔮Brick: witness to bygone eras🔮🐺

The old red bricks, often used to build manors and castles, are home to many legends. In some tales, ghosts haunt the corridors of these buildings, seeking to tell their tales to anyone who dares to listen.

Glamis Castle, Scotland's most haunted castle - La terre est un jardin


☠️🕸️Le glass: mirror to the au-delà🕸️☠️

Old mirrors, with their slightly distorted and tinted glass, have often been associated with portals to the afterlife. There are many stories where, at midnight on Halloween night, mirrors can show much more than just our reflection.

Louis XIV-style trumeaux


Ancient materials are not simply witnesses to the past. They are imbued with myths, legends and stories that reinforce the magic ofHalloween. By integrating these materials into your space, you're not just adding an aesthetic element, you're also inviting in centuries of history and mystery.




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