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When it comes to the architectural landscape of Paris, one element often stands out: the Haussmann aesthetic. And among those details, haussmannian doors occupy a place of choice. But what makes these doors so special? Let's delve into the history and beauty of these iconic structures.

Introduction to the Haussmann Era

It was in the 19th century that the face of Paris changed radically. Baron Haussmann, then Prefect of the Seine, launched a series of major monumental urban transformations. These renovations, ordered by Napoleon III, were intended to modernize the city. As a result, Paris saw the emergence of wide boulevards, parks, uniform buildings and, of course, majestic gateways.

Avenue de l'Opéra, breakthrough. Paris (Ier arr.), 1876-1877. Photograph by Charles Marville (1813-1879). Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris.

Doors : More than just an entrance

Haussmannian doors are more than just entrances. They symbolize the prestige and elegance of the period. Generally imposing and massive, they are adorned with sculptures, floral or geometric motifs. The wood, often oak, is worked with impressive meticulousness.

Art and Function

What's fascinating about these doors is their perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. They served not only to protect residents from the elements and noise, but also to display their social status. The more ornate and imposing the door, the more it reflected the wealth of its owners.

Doors that bear witness to their era

Beyond their beauty, these doors tell a story of history. If you look carefully, you can see traces of the past. Sometimes, bullet holes are visible, the remnants of revolutions and wars. These marks offer a poignant glimpse of Paris's rich history.

Haussmannian double door

Influence on Interior Design

Haussmannian doors didn't just influence exterior architecture. They also inspired interior design of the period. Step inside a Haussmann apartment, and you'll discover herringbone parquet flooring, moldings and marble fireplaces. Every element, from the front door to the interior decoration, harmoniously reflects the Haussmann style.

Conservation and Modernity

Today, many Parisians and architects are striving to keep these doors. Although they often require restoration, they remain a valuable architectural feature. At the same time, some modern designers are taking inspiration from these structures to create contemporary doors with a Haussmannian touch.

Interior design couple Alon and Betsy Kasha have redecorated this 170-square-meter apartment in the Saint-Sulpice district (Paris 6e).

Conclusion: A Living Legacy

Haussmannian doors are not just structures of the past. They continue to influence Parisian design and culture. Walking through the streets of Paris, it's impossible not to be captivated by these masterpieces. They are a reminder of the importance of preserving architectural heritage while blending it with modern touches.

In short, Haussmann doors are more than just entrances. They reflect an era, a style and a rich history. And through their preservation and celebration, they will continue to enchant future generations.




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