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The decoration of our living space influences our well-being. In a world where stress is omnipresent, the home becomes a refuge. Well-being decoration aims to create an environment conducive to relaxation and serenity. But how can we integrate these principles into our interiors for optimum well-being? Here's a guide to soothing decor.

1. The importance of colors

Color plays a crucial role in our perception of space. Some tones have the power to soothe, others to energize.

  • Soft colorsPale blue, water green, beige or taupe are relaxing. They evoke nature and tranquility.
  • Avoid bright colors: Hues that are too bright or garish can be stimulating, even stressful. Moderation is the key.

blade colors

2. Back to basics with natural materials

Natural elements have a way of soothing us. Wood, for example, is synonymous with warmth. Stone, ceramics and bamboo reflect authenticity.

  • The wood: Whether for floors, furniture or accessories, wood brings a sense of calm.
  • Stone and ceramicsThey recall the solidity and durability of nature.

Louis XVI woodwork details

3. Lighting, the key to ambience

Good lighting makes all the difference. It sets the mood and influences our mood.

  • Natural lightMaximize the amount of natural light entering your space.
  • Lamps sieved: For evenings, opt for soft lighting to create a cocooning atmosphere.
  • Candles: They add a warm, intimate touch.

Table lamp circa 1970-1980 front

4. Plants, a link with nature

Bringing nature into the home has its advantages. Plants purify the air, add color and create a Zen atmosphere.

  • Plants pollution controlChoose species such as spathiphyllum or aloe vera.
  • Vertical gardensIf space is limited, think vertical. Hanging gardens are trendy and functional.

indoor plants


5. Minimalism and wellness decor

Clutter on the outside creates clutter on the inside. Adopting a minimalist approach allows you to declutter your space and your mind.

  • Declutter: Sort through your belongings regularly. Every item should have a purpose or sentimental value.
  • Furniture multifunction: They optimize space while maintaining a sleek design.

50's oak front bookcase

6. The art of wellness decoration

  • Soothing art: Paintings depicting nature, water or serene landscapes are perfect.
  • Statuettes and symbols: Symbols like the mandala or the Om sign can reinforce a sense of peace.


7. Wellness accessories

Small details often make all the difference. A few accessories can greatly enhance your space.

  • Fountains interiorThe sound of running water is soothing and adds a Zen touch.
  • Carpet and cushionsThey create a comfortable space in which to relax.


Wellness design is a philosophy. It integrates comfort, nature and serenity into our daily lives. With a few thoughtful adjustments and choices, your home will become a peaceful oasis. By harmonizing your space, you also harmonize your spirit. And in a world in perpetual motion, who wouldn't want to find a little serenity at home?





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