Double glass door

Indispensable to delimit and isolate the rooms of the house, the door has today a greater role and is a real element of interior and exterior decoration.

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Each space has its own type of door.

A glass door, very nice to delimit the living room from the dining room, will not be suitable for a shower room or a toilet. It will be preferable here to opt for a plain door, which in spite of its lack of light passing through, will privilege the intimacy and especially isolate correctly the desired space.

On the contrary, the glass door is preferred in the spaces in enfilade such as the living rooms, dining rooms, living rooms or the entry for a maximum of luminosity.

The night spaces as well as the garages will benefit from a thicker plain door which will have an influence on the acoustics and the heat of the room.

Each one has its own opening and its own charm.

Straight opening, left opening, casement or sliding, there is one for every taste and every space.

Indeed, the sliding door is more suitable for small spaces while the swing door can be installed in any room. The double leaf door is used in large common living spaces in general. Indeed, when both doors are open, it is preferable to have a large room so as not to condemn a large part of it.

Be careful not to occupy the door's folding space, whatever it is.

double door molding

Choose your door carefully.

Nowadays, buying a door requires a whole process of questioning beforehand, for which installation to opt? What type of door would be best suited to the room? New or old door? Do I customize it or not?

Namely, the DIY trend " Do It Yourself "This is a great incentive to buy used or new (blank) doors so that you can make them unique and personal.



Diy door

What to do with your old door?

Many companies and associations buy and take back your old materials such as your doors. We invite you to contact us via our contact form or go directly to our Showroom located in Tourcoing.

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