industrial and loft style living room

And if you choose the industrial style?

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The codes to respect.

When it comes to industrial decoration, several codes must be respected. Wood and metal are an integral part of this style so appreciated in our interior decorations. The dark tones are therefore in the spotlight here. Bricks and leather are also part of this spirit.

The advantage of industrial decoration is that it allows you to mix materials and mismatch elements. A mixture of chairs or lighting fixtures will allow you to add a touch of originality to your interior.

The advantage of this style of decoration is to leave a "machinery" side to it, recalling the codes of old factories. So don't hesitate to use old ironwork (taps or thermometers for example) and leave them visible.

industrial coat rack
AMA5333: €150
old-fashioned taps
AMA5404: €84


Indeed, the mixture of wood and metal can darken your living room. That's why we advise you here to opt for light tones in wall covering. White paint, pearl gray, or one of your walls decorated with red brick. However, if you choose to highlight one wall by decorating it with colored paint or imitation brick or waxed concrete wallpaper, we advise you to leave all your other walls white. This will reinforce the industrial look while keeping the brightness to the maximum.

The glass roof is also an asset to adopt because it adapts very well to the industrial atmosphere and allows to circulate the luminosity between the various living rooms.

industrial atmosphere
Photo credit: Pinterest
industrial atmosphere
Photo credit: Pinterest

Our industrial selection.

Find here a selection of our most beautiful industrial pieces. Don't hesitate to buy them!

leather chesterfield
AMA5392 : 1350
industrial wall light
AMA5326: €350
Industrial sideboard
AMA5177: €2800
Bistro table at the back of the wagon
AMA5178: €350
Marble electrical panel
AMA5128: €14400
Industrial stool
AMA5199: $200
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