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Today, we know that mass consumption has a real impact on the environment. Whether it's more or less present in your life, here are a few tips you can apply on a daily basis to improve your consumption habits and move towards a more ethical way of consuming.


Can we talk about a trend rather than a way of life? Indeed, more and more garage sales, home sales, second-hand sales and antique sales are being promoted these days. And who's going to complain? In addition to finding wonders at low prices, you're also considerably reducing the carbon footprint associated with your consumption!
Exchanging good addresses, bargain hunting - it's all part of the bargain-hunting process!

If you're already a fan of thrift stores or resale websites for your clothes, why not become one for your clothes? decorative furniture ?
Whether left unfinished or brought up to date, your decor will be all the richer for it!

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Ecological impact

Recycling old and second-hand furniture makes a major contribution to ecological progress. Did you know that 70 % of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to products (manufacturing, transport, use and end-of-life)?

However, over the last ten years, 82% of the French population has taken an interest in ethical consumption by consuming less and more responsibly.

As you know, limiting waste has become important, and reuse is at the heart of this lifestyle. It goes without saying that limiting plastic packaging, transporting goods, mass deliveries and assembly-line production all represent a reduction in greenhouse gases and the spread of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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The interest

Have you ever wanted to renovate an old piece of furniture? To give it a new look and add your own personal touch? Repairing and renovating are more than welcome if you want to adopt an ethical and responsible approach.

By choosing to transform an old piece of furniture into a new one that will fit in perfectly with your decor, you're making the choice to reduce the ecological impact of your home, as well as cutting unnecessary expenses.

It's a win-win situation! Save money while taking care of your planet.

In addition, the old materials often offer superior quality to new furniture thanks to their noble materials (such as solid wood, marble, mercury mirrors...). So you can extend the life of your interior and exterior décor by opting for the old!

In addition, events such as the Lille braderie are a nest of wonders! Take a look around and you're sure to find the antique furniture you've been dreaming of. You can also meet us there to buy our best pieces and use your bartering techniques!

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